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A laboratory sink with white taps and glass beakers

Laboratory Sinks & Taps

Precision and reliability are of utmost importance when it comes to laboratory-related sinks and taps. Laboratory sinks and taps are designed to meet the specific requirements of scientific settings, ensuring efficient water management and maintaining the integrity of experiments.


We offer a wide range of laboratory sinks, including stainless steel, epoxy resin, and polypropylene options, each tailored to withstand harsh chemicals and frequent use. These sinks are equipped with high-quality taps, featuring temperature control and adjustable water flow, enabling precise measurements and controlled rinsing. Additionally, manufacturers prioritize hygiene by incorporating features like built-in disinfection systems and anti-splash designs, ensuring a sterile and safe laboratory environment. Collaborating with trusted laboratory equipment manufacturers guarantees the availability of robust and reliable sinks and taps that support accurate data collection and experimentation.


Stainless Steel Sinks

Stainless Steel works great in many laboratory settings, especially where acids and corrosives are not present. We have all styles of stainless-steel sinks available as well as both under-mounted and drop-in options.


Fireclay Sink

Fireclay sinks commonly known as Butler sinks do not have a built in over flow. Otherwise very similar to the Belfast sink and offer the same properties.


Epoxy Resin Sink

Epoxy resin is the most popular laboratory sink material as it is highly resistant to many acids, solvents and other inert chemicals in both commercial and educational laboratories.

We offer a wide variety of both drop-in and undermounted (requires a sink support system) lab sinks to fit every need.


Scientific Water Taps

We supply a wide range of taps for either left hand or right hand side users. The popular double swan neck style means you can use two taps at one simultaneously for ease and speed. We also supply quarter turn taps which allow the supply of water to specific areas. Our nozzle range means water taps can be adapted to suit the environment which they are required.  The nozzle range include fixed serrated nozzles, removable serrated nozzles and a full-bore anti-splash nozzle.


Flammable Gas Taps

We provide a wide range of laboratory gas taps that are suitable for both scientific and educational needs. Our range of laboratory gas taps include drop lever, lift and turn needle valve, one way, two way or four way turn form.We supply needle valve gas taps suitable for scientific laboratories. Unilab can supply both lift and turn or drop lever gas taps to control the burning of combustible gases, including propane natural gas and LPG gas.


Non Flammable Gas Taps

Safety is our priority and therefore you have the option to have highly visible yellow nozzles so they can be easily distinguished from other laboratory equipment. Our gas taps can be bench mounted for ease and efficiency.

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