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Why should you use a dedicated laboratory furniture specialist over a cabinet maker?

Updated: May 23, 2023

A lab specialist reading a folder in a laboratory environment
Why choose a lab furniture specialist?

When considering a new laboratory rebuild or refurbishment, it is paramount to consider who will undertake the construction. Choosing an inexperienced partner can lead to delays in the project completion, insufficient products for the laboratory and ultimately be much more costly in the long term.

Whether you are an architect or a lab manager read our reasons to consider a specialised partner below.

1. Laboratory Furniture Products

The materials used for laboratories will differ depending on the type of laboratory being specified. However, by using a specialised laboratory supplier you can ensure that the benching will be resistant to chemicals, heat and everyday use. There are various options depending on your lab specialisation, but we typically recommend Trespa which is non-porous suitable for a high-end PC2 sterile environment.

A general worktop or bench will not have these as standard and will likely quickly become defective.

2. Experience

By using a laboratory furniture specialist you can be assured they know what they are doing from the get go, after all it’s what they do in a daily basis!

Their experience will support you in maximising the space you have, ensuring you have all the equipment you need, that the space is compliant and that it is a functional space to work in day in day out.

Lab inefficiency is one of the top issues we see with our clients. The lab started small and they have outgrown it or the lab space is fine but they have to go and get equipment and supplies from elsewhere, all of which is costing their business time and money. A lab specialist will support you in eradicating these issues and streamline your processes.

3. Cost

Lab specialists have access to bespoke material prices due to the number of materials they purchase from their suppliers. Thus, often making it a more reasonable, realistic option.

When purchasing via a lab specialist you can rest assured that what you are paying for is the correct material for the job required. Many manufacturers also warranty their products so you can be assured if anything does falter that you are covered.

4. Compliance

A lab furniture specialist will be very familiar with the levels of compliance required dependent on the biosafety level of the laboratory and can assist with determining the correct systems needed. Below are some of the more typical questions we can be asked when scoping a new laboratory space or room.

- Do I need built-in or recirculating fume cupboards?

- What are the various types of taps and where should I position the taps?

- Which types of sinks do I need for my lab?

- Ventilation?

- Positioning of Safety Equipment – showers, eye wash station

When choosing a supplier you make want to ask the following questions prior to making any commitment to them:

- How many labs have you designed and built before?

- Is the products you use suitable for the application?

- Has the product been tested?

- Do you have experience with lab fit-outs?

- Can you supply and fit in our area?

- Do you have all of the relevant safety certifications?

If you have any questions on your new space we would love to hear from you. Contact us below to speak to one of our team.

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